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YOU, ME, HERE, NOW: Seeing and Subjectivity (2009)is a catalogue raisonné of Yeju’s work during two years at Yale (2007 – 2009). Each project within the book addresses the way we see things and how it affects the relationship between the viewer and the designed object; yet the structure and design of this book itself may be the best example of the investigation into the subject matter.

The book consists of 28 signatures. Each signature documents a single project through several levels of representation. At times, the photographic images draw the reader into the situation where the work is being made, the situation where it is being presented or re-presented. At other times the thingness of the book comes to the fore and forces the reader out to the very moment when and where they are looking at the book. Thus the readers’ initial expectations get frustrated, shifted, maybe confused again, and revised, toward surprising discoveries.

By purposefully disorienting the readers and slowing down the process of comprehending, the book attempts to point the readers to the subjectivity of their own. While navigating through multiple realities, they realize that the work of camera and the materiality of the medium are always obstructing their view of the work in its original form; the encounter is always mediated.

All the signatures are organized chronologically and sewn together, with the texts at the end.

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