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About 25 years ago, Isamu Noguchi and Mark di Suvero moved to Long Island City in Queens, with a shared vision of revitalizing the discrete neighborhood through creating their studios and cultural institutions: The Noguchi Museum and Socrates Sculpture Park, respectively.

As the area still faces challenges such as a lack of public transportation and wayfinding, overstressed infrastructure, unbalanced land use, and environmental changes, The Noguchi Museum and Socrates Sculpture Park together initiated Civic Action in 2011, a project to activate the roles of cultural institutions and artists in the development of the neighborhood. Civic Action invited four artists along with their team of architects, urban planners, and writers, to re-envision the neighborhood through their own unique perspectives and methods of making.

The ideas, findings, and creations of Civic Action were organized as two exhibitions followed by a comprehensive publication. Yeju was involved from the conception of the project; designed the visual identity and exhibition graphics for the first part of the exhibition at the Noguchi Museum; and finally structured and designed the publication—the third part of Civic Action, and arguably the most significant.