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The Seaport Stories, the part 2 of Catch — & — Release is an interactive audio tour of the South Street Seaport through personal memories and anecdotes. Multiple perspectives and stories collected through numerous interactions with the Seaport locals for over a year, reveal the lively cultural mosaic which has defined a sense of place for the community, yet not as visible on the surface of the Seaport today. Visit: http://catch-and-release.nyc

Visit: http://catch-and-release.nyc

Catch — & — Release is part of Design/Relief, an initiative of AIGA New York supported by Artplace.

Project Lead Designer: Yeju Choi
Interviews and Documentation: Yeju Choi, B. Tyler Silvestro
Website Design and Development: Yeju Choi, Mathew Suen
Special Thanks to: Richard The